A few website students can use to help them prepare. Some require membership :(

Regents (Oswego City) has some great reviews. This is the main page - you select what you want to work on. Regents Main Page

This is Regents Integrated Practice test. There are 30 questions that cover most of our objectives. Regents Test 1

Another Regents Practice Test. This one has about 20 of the 30 questions that line up with NCSCOS. Regents Test 2

The third of the series of Regents Practice Test. Again, just skip the ones not needed for NC EOC. Otherwise, great site. Regents Test 3

Virginia Department of Ed has released this Algebra Practice test.Ignore the Central Tendency questions. Virginia Released Test

Another Virginia website The Jefferson Lab. I like this one! Students can choose the test and number of questions. It is interactive as they can click on a help button and it will show them why the answer was wrong and how it should be done. Virginia website Practice

TASK Algebra 1 On-line test. Many question we do not use, but any we can find and use is all good! Texas Alg1 Test

USA TEST PREP - A great online resource for students to help prepare for the Algebra 1 EOC. USA Test Prep

TEN Marks - This is a new website that is free. Students can practice skills and some sections have video helps . You have to sign up first and and make as many classes as you wish. You can assign the students login id's. Choose to have it send you weekly updates if you want to make your life easier! TensMark

You ever been called a Nerd? Great then this website is for you!! All of your students can be "Virtual Nerds". You will need to register in advance. use your school email and provide a link to your school's webpage so that they can verify you are an instructor. Students must pay :(, but this is a great tool for direct instruction. Virtual Nerd